As a fan of hotpot dining, I always wanted to try JPOT (珍宝火锅) – A Singaporean inspired style of hotpot concept. Having walk past the JPOT restaurant in Vivocity several times, I didn’t managed to try JPOT until yesterday. Finally!

JPOT offers a variety of unique and exquisite hotpot soup bases which are inspired by the flavours of local favourites. E.g Silky Porridge, Superior Broth, Herbal, Laksa and more.

It was an impromptu decision to try out JPOT so we didn’t make any prior reservation. We reached the place at around 12:30pm and as expected, there wasn’t any queue. Just at the entrance, we can already smell the fragrance coming from the hotpot!

jpot vivocity main entrance

We were served to our table by the staff immediately after notifying them. Do you know that JPOT is actually part of the Jumbo Seafood Group – The popular singapore seafood style restaurant that is well known among locals and even tourists for its chill and pepper crabs.

jpot vivocity

You need to order your food via a tablet that is mounted on the table. If you have tried Hai Di Lao before, the experience is pretty much the same. You order via the app and the food will arrive shortly after preparation. As it was our first time trying JPOT, we took a longer time to “scan” through the menu. The ordering process is super fast and straightforward. In the end, we settled for the SET D in their lunch package menu + a few ala carte items like the luncheon meat and their Jumbo hand-made pork balls.

Looking around, we noticed that the JPOT restaurant in Vivocity is not really packed during lunchtime in Saturday.

jpot vivocity table

Just shortly after ordering, our ingredients came. I am pretty impressed by their serving speed. Here are some of ingredients we ordered.

jpot vivocity seafood plate

jpot vivocity mushroom

I love their Jumbo pork balls. This is definitely a must order. The pork meat is tender and well marinated.

jpot vivocity porkball

There is this self service drink station located in the middle of the JPOT restaurant. It cost $3.80 per person. It is complimentary for us as we ordered their lunch set package. I will recommend trying their homemade barley drink.

jpot vivocity drinks freeflow

Like any other popular steamboat/hotpot restaurants, the sauce station play an extremely important part in the dining experience. A good mixture of sauce can make a great difference! In JPOT, all the sauces are free, unlike Hai Di Lao – where you have to actually pay to get access to their sauces and fruit stations.

I do think their sauce station can be better improved to include more variety of sauces like chilli powder, sambai chilli sauces and more. A good plus point is that there are some instructions at the station to actually guide people on how to mix their sauces.

jpot vivocity sauce station

Their garlic chilli sauce is quite good. I took much of it as my base of the sauce. Okay, my mouth is going to stink for days. Who cares..

jpot vivocity sauce station 2

We ordered the JPOT herbal, superior broth and silk porridge broth to try out with. I kind of regret ordering the silk porridge broth as you will need to keep stirring the broth – it’s quite a hassle!

Their JPOT superior broth tasted good and I think it’s one of the most popular choices among diners in JPOT. Unlike normal steamboat concept where everyone shared a big steamboat pot in the middle, you will get individual small hotpots. Not to worry, you can refill the soup and it’s free.

The reason of serving personal hotpot is to make for a more hygienic way to enjoy this traditional meal

Time to start feasting!

jpot vivocity superior soup

  • 8/10
    Quality of Food - 8/10
  • 7/10
    Customer Service - 7/10
  • 6/10
    Value for Money - 6/10
  • 7/10
    Atmosphere - 7/10


Overall, I kind of enjoyed JPOT. Our total bill is around $160+ which amount to an average of $40 per person. Sometimes if you wanted to try some Singaporean type of soup bases, JPOT is not a bad option too. Give it a try.

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