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The Beginner Guide To Fly A Drone In Singapore

Written by Nicole Li

Update: I just bought a new DJI Mavic Pro recently. Flying a drone (unmanned aircraft) is now ubiquitous. At the same time, regulations (different in every country) have also been strengthened for various safety reasons. While flying a drone and taking amazing aerial photos is exciting, below are all you need to know to safely fly a drone in Singapore .

What are available brands for casual use?

The decision on buying a drone is more around a balance of flight time, control range, price and photo/video quality. With so many available drone brands nowadays, we listed down three of the most popular and recommended brands for casual use. You can either purchase them from Amazon or their official website.

  • DJI: It has a large range of products that for people from casual use to professional use. Price also ranges from several dollars to thousands. I will recommend  DJI Mavic pro which is a foldable drone with the camera more than enough for fun.
  • Parrot Drone: This is a very economical choice if you just want to fly a drone instead of taking videos or photos. The lowest price is around US$200.
  • Mi Drone: A 4K camera-wielding quadcopter that is quite similar to DJI Phantom series. You can get this affordable drone at just US$460.

Guidelines to fly a drone in Singapore?

With regard to the regulations on the use of UA in Singapore, if you are flying it for personal recreational purpose or private use, you will not require a permit from CAAS so long as the following conditions are met:

  1. The UA is flown outside 5km of any aerodrome;
  2. Total weight of UA is less than 7kg;
  3. At a height not more than 200ft (60m) above mean sea level (AMSL);
  4. UA does not discharge any item or substance or carry/suspend any foreign item(s);
  5. Not being flown at a prohibited, danger, restricted or security-sensitive location.

*Extracted from CAAS Website

Which parts of Singapore are permitted to fly a drone?

To find out on whether your intended UA activity locations fall within the criteria (e.g. 5km of an aerodrome, prohibited, danger, restricted or security-sensitive areas), you may also wish to visit By adding multiple layers to the map, you will know if a place is permitted or not perimitted.

*Extracted from CAAS Website

Things to note before flying a drone?

Whatever we do, as a member of the society we should always be responsible for others. Whenever we fly a drone, we need to consider the safety of others. For example, although Sentosa island is not forbidden generally for a drone, the attraction website has requested no flying of drone for the safety of visitors. So wherever you go, first check out if it’s allowed/proper to fly a drone.

Finally, hope you have a safe flight! And welcome to share your drone flying experience with us!

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