Isn’t it amazing that you can take videos and photos from different angles with your DJI Mavic Pro drone? Are you excited? Here, let us explore some tips & ideas to help you get started making your first video!

Well, after you embark on your first flight, you may be a little more ambitious and expect a more exciting experience with video shooting. Below are some fast basic tricks, tips, and ideas you can try for your first video shoot!

Smoothness is the key

First of all, you have to remember that regardless of any tricks you are going to apply after the shot, you have to ensure the smoothness of the video footage. No one will like a video that is jerky. Simple as it sounds like, it really requires a lot of practice! Practice makes perfect.

Fly again and again

Practicing makes you a skilled aerial photographer/video director, however sometimes when you are at some new place where you might not know about the route and surroundings well, even if you have good skill, you may still need time to be able to get used to the terrain in order to fly smoothly. In these circumstances, you need to explore a clear route that will allow you fly smoothly (although normally when you fly high enough there shouldn’t be any obstacles). The only trick here is to fly again and again until you have found out your perfect route!

‘Dance in the sky’

Just like the dance moves in dancing, a lot of tricks can make your video footage more interesting & professional. Try out these basic tricks & hacks.

  1. Moving forward and backward: I know moving forward is as easy as it sounds. How about moving backward? It will be like unveiling an amazing view from the edge of an iceberg to the entire world. Well, you can also achieve the same thing by reversing a forward going film using some video editing apps.
  2. Moving from some ‘blockers’: Who wants something in front of eyes that blocks the view? Well sometimes, starting from some ‘blockers’ and unveiling the real subject will bring a lot of mysterious feelings and suspensions. One example will be starting from a big tree and as the drone flies higher, a grand castle comes into the picture. Don’t you find that surprising?
  3. Twist the space: What I mean is to rotate the camera or drone horizontally as if we fall into a time tunnel or black hole. But control the rotating speed to avoid the dizziness that might bring to your audience.
  4. Video editing: For apple users, you can use iMovie (free) for video editing. There are a lot of mobile apps that can help you create MV-like videos. I am using a paid android app called Viva Video which allows me to trim videos, apply multiple filters, add background music and everything you can think of. One bad thing about using these mobile apps is that normally they may compress the video and makes the video resolution much smaller. But, the compressed version should be good enough for social sharing purpose.

Check out some of my first Mavic Pro videos in Singapore (Note that Singapore only allows maximum of 60m high)

Let me know how you find the videos!

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