Whether traveling for business or leisure, we all know that style and comfort are among our earnest desires. There is a sense of pride associated with the having both, especially when we are on the move. A luggage that defines luxury without compromising utility is what every traveler desires. There are many of these; however, there are few that really stand out. One among them is the Delsey luggage. This review is about helping you choose the 5 best Delsey luggage, in my own personal opinion of course.

Ez Pack 2-Wheeled Underseater

The Ez Pack combines elegance with utility in the design of a back that fits under the seat of most airlines. There is a side pocket which can hold a flask /bottle and it is lined with a water-resistant material, as well as a large front pocket that can serve as the holder for the thing you remembered after packing.

It also features side shoe pockets and an adjustable handle that is part of a trolley system. Last but not least, this easy to carry bag has interlocking zippers and enables personal organization at its best.

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Titanium 3-Piece Expandable-Hardside Spinner Luggage-Set

This is a set of three luggage carriers of 19 inch, 25 inch and 29-inch dimensions that can snugly fit. These travel cases are made of lightweight, high strength polycarbonates and are featured with smart handles and rollers to enable ease in carrying them. The beautiful cases have a coating of scratch resistant, metallic finish that makes them gleam as a testimony to their quality. The 19-inch luggage can conveniently fit into the luggage compartment of airlines and luxury buses, so you wouldn’t need to keep things you always need within reach in the cargo hold. The interior, when fully packed has a slight expansion of 2 inches. The interior is lined with zippered compartments where you can place your delicate items and hold them in place. The main hold has straps that ensure things do not move from the positions you placed them. With accompanying combination lock, this is one of the best Delsey luggage cases you can find.

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Chatelet Hard+ 21-Inch Carry-on 4 Wheel-Spinner

The Chatelet Hard+ is an elegant, leather-bound carry on with a distinctive curvy look. It is made from Bayer 100% virgin Macrolon polycarbonates. This ensures toughness making this case resistant to impact and elevated temperatures. Leaving your luggage unattended could be risky. We know however that there are times we may need to do something else aside holding to our luggage. The Chatelet comes equipped with a braking gadget that enables you to lock the front wheels while rolling with the back one. This keeps the case from rolling off on a slight incline. The spinners are designed to roll smoothly and quietly, enabling you to move easily. The interior has inner linings with straps to keep your things in place irrespective of the positioning of the case. They come with rich red linings with a zippered compartment where personal effects as small as files or as large as shoes can fit.

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Cruise Lite-Hardside 25″ Exp. Spinner-Trolley

This Cruise Lite-Delsey luggage case is made of 100% polycarbonate, an impact resistant plastic that combines toughness with lightness. This is the sort of luggage that enables you to travel fast and light. The case has a 90 to 10 opening dimension. The top section has a zippered pocket where items can be packed, isolated from the rest of your things.

The holding straps secure the content of the case. This stops them from shaking around when the luggage is moved. There are four double spinners for easy movement, two handles with the one by the side retractable. The rubberized TPR handles ensure firm grip as they are made of anti-slip materials.

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Sky-Max Expandable-Spinner Carry-on

The Sky Max collection from Delsey is a lightweight design with an organization of personal effects in mind. This luggage case is constructed of micro ballistic, vapor proof material to ensure durability. It has four spinners for ease of movement and a side and top handle supported by a bottom handle which comes handy when you need to lift your luggage off the ground. 9 pockets well arranged to ensure that your things fit into various compartments.  The body dimension is 20.5×13.5×9.75 inches. Overall Dimension – 23.25×14.25×10.75 inches.

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