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DaeSsiksin (大食神) Korean BBQ & Hotpot Buffet at Ang Mo Kio Hub

Written by Boss Wang

Singaporeans love Korean BBQ. Who disagrees? And maybe it’s due to the popularity of Korean shows in Singapore . For myself, I always find myself craving for Korean food after watching Running Man show. I got to admit I am pretty weak-minded to when it comes resisting food. DaeSsiksin(大食神), a Korean restaurant owned by Ministry of Food has recently opened their restaurant in Ang Mo Kio Hub a couple of months back.

In addition to just BBQ, DaeSsiksin also offers DANRO collagen hotpot buffet which you can add on if you like. Both brands are under Ministry of Food so kudos for creating such synergies for the customers. Just imagine Korean BBQ + Collagen hotpot combination, I am already drooling…

DaeSsiksin is just located beside Juhao Xiao Long Bao in basement 2 of Ang Mo Kio Hub. Their weekday lunch and dinner is priced at $14.90++ and $24.90++ and weekends at $24.90++ with drinks included. If you want the hotpot, you can top up for $7/table. There is an on-going promotion that if you top up, you can get a cheese dip as well.

There are abundance supplies of marinated meat, seafood items, vegetables and fresh ingredients…

There is also a section that serves cooked food like Tempura and Korean spicy rice cakes and more.

Their sauce station serves sauces like ponza sauce, chili powder, peanut sauce, mashed and raw garlic and more. You can’t eat Korean BBQ without garlic. If you are afraid of the garlic stench in your mouth after eating, buy some Listerine after that. It helps.

If you opt for steamboat, you can get your steamboat items in a dedicated steamboat-only station. Here, you can find platters of raw ingredients for your steamboat.

You can get free flow of Korean hot tea and soft drinks in their drink station. BTW, my sis commented that their korean hot tea doesn’t taste good.

For the collagen hotpot, you can select two different soup bases. There are Chicken Collagen, Garlic Pork Collagen, Garlic Pork Spicy, Mala or Sukiyaki. We settled for a chicken collagen and mala soup base. Their Mala soup base is not the very spicy one which you can only dip your ingredients in like Hai Di Lao. You can even drink the mala broth if you like. Note that you can only refill your soup base once. The second refill onwards will be chargeable.

I would say the collagen soup is a good way to balance off the meal after eating the oily grilled meat.

As the grilling pan heated up, we started BBQ-ing the meat. Don’t forget to eat your grilled meat with veggies like lettuce accompanied with some Korean chili sauce and raw garlic. That’s the authentic way to eat Korean BBQ.

Getting to DaeSsiksin @ AMK Hub

Nearest MRT: Ang Mo Kio

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