Creative Poses for Couple Photos

When travelling with beloved, we always want to take photos together to memorise the precious moments and footprints we have been left with. Always standing side by side and smiling to the camera will be boring. And sometimes we just run out of ideas and feel very awkward to pose. One way I tried to take better photos is to take inspirations from those photos taken by professional photographers. I believe with good efforts and practice, everyone will become good photographer like Murad Osmann and come up with a series as good as the Follow Me.

Here in this blog, we will demonstrate some example poses for couple photos.

Photo 12 12 16 1 08 22 AM Photo 12 12 16 1 09 57 AM Photo 12 12 16 1 10 53 AM

Photo 4 2 17 12 05 52 PM

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