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Cheapest Place in the World to Buy a Louis Vuitton HandBag In 2022

You will agree that designer handbags are are the most functional and stylish accessories especially if you like traveling. Talking of handbags, Louis Vuitton is without a doubt the best brand when it comes to making legendary and luxurious bags. The brand has been synonymous with travel style handbags and still continues to be a coveted staple for everyone.

But while we all crave for this luxurious travel accessory, you may easily end up spending a whole month’s paycheque for you to afford one. So what will you do to find a great deal on your next Louis Vuitton bag purchase? If you have noticed, most fashionistas prefer buying their Louis Vuitton handbags in Europe and for a good reason. As a traveler, you have probably realised that the prices of most products tend to vary from country to country. This is because of things like taxes, import duties, demand pricing, and many other variables. And this brings us to the question.

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Where is the cheapest place to buy Louis Vuitton handbag in the world?

Well, it seems like the country where you can buy a Louis Vuitton handbag at a great bargain is its country of origin. Regardless of where you come from, you will spend hundreds of dollars less if you were to purchase this luxurious accessory in France. Even though there are several places where you will find tax-free goods like Dubai and Hong Kong, this doesn’t mean that you will pay less for a Louis Vuitton handbag.

For example, the monogrammed Speedy 30 bag costs around $994 in the countries along the Gulf but goes at only $854 in France. This brings about a difference of more than $140 which is quite a saving. In fact, studies suggest that the further a country is from France then the more expensive will be the Louis Vuitton handbags there.

Just to illustrate this, you will find the same Speedy 30 to be over 13.5 percent more expensive in the US ($970) compared to France. Likewise, the price jump by over 55 percent more ($1,322) when you go to Brazil. Consequently, in a country like China, the price will be higher by over 33 percent ($1,138) while in Russia it will increase by over 28 percent ($1,093). The only places where you will find the prices to be the lowest are the countries neighbouring France like in the UK where the price has only increased by 1 percent.

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Factors that Determine Your Savings on a Louis Vuitton handbag

Even after finding a great bargain on the retail price, there are still other ways to make major savings on this fancy brand. These following are factors that determine Savings on an overseas purchase:

  • The item’s retail price including applicable tax
  • The currency exchange rate
  • The foreign exchange fees
  • The amount of VAT refund

A refund of the VAT is especially important for non-EU residents buying goods in Europe. In fact, this is the sole major reason why most tourists opt to make their purchase in another country. The VAT is a consumption tax that is automatically included in the price of items that are sold in a country. When you buy goods in the country you are visiting, you can apply for a refund of this VAT on purchases over a certain amount.

All you have to do is simply let the seller fill out a form when buying the product so that you can present it to the customs at the airport during departure. You will discover that the tax-refund will knock hundreds of dollars off your purchase price. So how can you get a tax refund for a Louis Vuitton bags?

How to Acquire a Tax-refund after buying a Louis Vuitton handbag

Most people wonder how a tax refund works and how they should file for a tax refund. Let’s say you arrive in Paris and visit a Louis Vuitton store. During the time of the transaction, ask your salesperson for the Tax-refund form. Remember to carry your passport for identification while you will be in the store. Without your passport, they can’t give you the form.

When you get the form, request the seller to fill out their part in the VAT refund paperwork and stamp it for you. Also, ensure that you sign it in the correct spots while still in the store. Save your receipt as you will also need it to get your refund. When you go to the airport ready to departure, bring your tax refund form, the receipt and the item you bought to the Tax Refund desk at the airport. Since the line is usually very long, you can try to get there a little early. After presenting the item, they will either give you cash or put the amount back on your credit card.

Other useful tips to get a tax refund:

  • Always have your passport in your pocket while shopping – You will need your passport number when filling the VAT refund form. It will also show that you are not a permanent resident of the European Union.
  • Don’t use the item you bought while still in Europe – Since you may be asked to present the item to the customs officer, the items need to be unused.

 So now that you know where in the world to buy Louis Vuitton handbag at the cheapest price, Happy shopping!