If you are looking for a holiday destination that will help you escape from the large crowds and hustle and bustle of a big city then Kenting is the right place for you. Situated at the Southern tip of Taiwan Island, Kenting is a small town with a relaxing atmosphere and a breath of fresh air. And while this place is well known for its infamous national park and white sandy beaches, there are also plenty of other things to do here. In fact, a visit here will expose you to several weird natural phenomenons, stretched-out seaside cliffs, lush tropical forests, and beautiful old settlements. If you are looking for the best way to experience this place, follow through for the top 12 best things to do in Kenting.

Wander around Eluanbi lighthouse

Also referred to as “The Light of East Asia”, this is surprisingly one of the few still-standing fortified lighthouses in the world. Up to this day, this lighthouse is armed and you might even spot a few gun holes in its walls. If you wish to learn more about this lighthouse, our dream will be made possible with the little museum which is filled with old photographs and several other memorabilia.

Source : flickr.com / Eluanbi lighthouse

Take pics at Chuanfan rock

Thanks to its colorful architecture and iconic landmarks like the Chuanfan rock, Chuanfanshi is definitely another must visit place in Kenting. Remember to come here with your photographs so that you can take beautiful pictures at the famous scenic limestone rock resembling a sailboat setting sail.

Source : pehaert.com / Chuanfan Rock

See the southernmost point of Taiwan

While in the Eluanbi Lighthouse, don’t forget to head over to the southernmost point of Taiwan which will be just a few minutes away. You will walk over a 1500-meters long footpath before you finally reach a neat little structure that signifies you have reached the exact point. From there, you will be able to have incredible ocean views.

Source : imreadygo.com / Southernmost Point of Taiwan

Relax at Jialeshui Scenic Area

With a strong but rather comfortable wind from the Pacific ocean and awe-inspiring coastline, Jia le Shui is one of the most relaxing places in Kenting. Well known for its unique rock formations, you will be able to spot different shapes of rock formations like sea frog stones, honeycomb rocks, and rabbit stones all formed due to continuous erosion.

Source : jameshuangphoto.blogspot / Jialeshuei

Visit the National Museum of Marine Biology

Located near the coast is Taiwan’s largest marine museum, The National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium. This vast attraction is in fact divided into 3 areas which include the Waters of Taiwan, the Waters of the World, and the Coral Kingdom Pavilion. If you are lucky enough, you may spot a beluga and even get the opportunity to feed the marine life by yourself.

Source : dbnsa.com / National Museum of Marine

Relax and chill at one of the beaches

Taiwan being an island, you can expect to find very long stretches of white sandy beaches. And Kenting takes pride in having some of the most beautiful beaches in the county including the famous Wanlitong Beach. This makes for a very popular spot for enjoying water sports such as jet skiing, snorkeling, and tube rides.

Source : coralreefsdiagnostics.com / Wanlitong Beach

Camp at the Rock Garden Campground

While this attraction is only half an hour drive from the main Kenting area, when you finally reach here you will feel like you are in a totally new country. For the best experience, we recommend that you rent out a canvas hut which will come with a mattress, a lamp, a fan, and openings that are lined with mosquito nets.

Source : rockgarden.ca / Rock Garden Campground

Marvel at the Maobitou ocean views

Sitting on the southeastern part of the Hengchun Peninsula is Maobitou, a place that is famous for its unique “crouching cat” rock formation. This place also offers brilliant ocean views especially very early in the morning before crowds gather around it. In addition, you will get the opportunity to view various unique natural landforms including caves and coral reefs.

Source : trip.com / Maobitou

Visit Kenting Night Market

Whether you are a foodie traveler or just looking for a souvenir to buy, this is a must visit place in Kenting. In this night market, you will find a never-ending stretch of food stalls, clothes stalls, and shops selling a wide variety of other local items.

Source : global-geography.org / Kenting Night Market

Enjoy sippers at a Truck bar

One of the most unique attraction in this place is it’s quirky and conveniently placed roadside truck bars. These bars are decorated with amazing cocktail lists and unique bright shiny lights that are complemented with thumping music.

Source : smallshells.com / Kenting Truck Bar

Head to the harbor

Unlike most harbors in Taiwan, this harbor is a great place to stroll around and take great instagrammable photos in Kenting. Here, you will have wonderful views of numerous fishing boats which you can capture with your camera or just watch as they come and go. You can also engage in various water sports like snorkeling, diving, and boat rides.

Source : taiwanese-secrets.com / Kenting Harbour

Go sightseeing around the city on a bike

One of the best ways to get around Kenting is by renting a scooter or bike, probably in an afternoon. This will give you the luxury to enjoy the various unique attractions in the city at your own pace. You can start around the old commercial, pass through the four ancient gates and the Monkey Cave, and then go all the way to the west coast of Kenting.

Source : spiceroads.com /Biking Around Kenting
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