Roti Prata is an Indian-style pancake that is created in Indian Singaporeans. It was said that the dish originally evolved from originals recipes from Punjab, India. No matter where its roots are from, Roti Prata is a popular breakfast/supper dish that Singaporeans or Malaysians love. If you are wondering, Roti means “bread” and Prata means “flat” – That is how it got its name.

Roti Prata is prepared by flipping the dough into a large thin layer and then folding the outer inwards. Then, the dough is then grilled on a large iron pan until it is crispy. It may sound easy, but flipping and stretching the dough well requires years of experiences.

Do you know that Roti Prata now comes with different flavors to suit the taste of the people? There are plain, egg, cheese, onion, chocolate, banana and more. The plain and the egg are the most popular among Singaporeans.

Here is our list of the top roti prata shops in Singapore. Do free feel to suggest if you know of a roti prata shop which is worthy to be one of the best in Singapore.

The Prata Place

Address: No.1, Thong Soon Ave, 787431
Opening Hours: 7AM–12AM


The Roti Prata House

Address: 246M Upper Thomson Rd, Singapore 574370
Opening Hours: 7AM–2AM


Sin Ming Roti Prata

Address: 24 Sin Ming Rd, #01-51, Jin Fa Kopitiam, 570024
Opening Hours: 7AM – 6:30PM


Al-Azhar Eating Restaurant

Address: Blk 201D Tampines Street 21 #01-1105, 524201
Opening Hours: Open 24 hours

Singapore Zam Zam Restaurant

Address: 697-699 N Bridge Rd, 198675
Opening Hours: 7AM–11PM


Mr and Mrs Mohgan’s Super Crispy Roti Prata

Address: 7 Crane Rd, Singapore 429356
Opening Hours: 6:30AM – 1:30PM


Thohirah Cafeela Restaurant

Address: 258 Jln Kayu, Singapore 799487
Opening Hours: Open 24 hours


Chinthamani Indian Restaurant Pte Ltd

Address: Blk 154, Serangoon North Avenue 1

R K Eating House

Address: 1 Kensington Park Rd, Singapore 557253
Opening Hours: Open 24 hours


Thasevi Food – Famous Jalan Kayu Prata Restaurant

Address: 239 Jln Kayu, Singapore 799463
Opening Hours: Open 24 hours

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