Kayaking is one of the fastest growing water sports in the world. Being a favorite sport among many people, it is one of the best ways to spend time with your family or friends. When kayaking, one of the most important considerations is to ensure that you have a good kayaking paddle. A kayaking paddle enables you to propel through water and go wherever you want. With a good paddle, you can propel through the water effortlessly for several hours without even getting tired. This is why its very important to choose the right paddle that will perform as hard as you do and increase your efficiency. However, with a large number of kayaking paddles in the market today, deciding on one can be a daunting task. This is why we have compiled this list of 8 best kayak paddles to buy to help you with your decision.

SeaSense X-Treme II

If you are looking for the best value for your money then this SeaSense paddle should be on top of your list. This is one paddle that strikes the perfect balance between quality and affordability. It comes with nylon blades that are feathered which mean totally reduced wind resistance. It features a durable aluminum shaft, three locking positions for adjusting the feathering angle to your liking, and adjustable drip guards for preventing water from running down the shaft onto the kayak. The paddle can also be split into two for convenient storage at home.

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SEAFLO is probably the perfect entry level kayak paddle in this list. Despite being one of the most affordable, it comes with a rather surprising complicated design. Its shaft is made from aluminum with fiberglass-reinforced, polypropylene blades for increased durability. For easy storage, the paddle can be split into two and there is a knob system in it’s middle for adjusting it’s length from 220 cm all the way to 230 cm.

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Aqua-Bound Sting

Aqua-Bound is one of the lightest kayak paddles that you can get on the market today. This is made possible through its carbon-reinforced blades which make it extremely light and in turn increasing its efficiency. The shaft is made from carbon while the paddles are mid-sized to allow for different padding styles.

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Werner Powerhouse

If you are an experienced paddler who doesn’t want to spend a fortune on a mere paddle, the Werner Powerhouse is a good choice. The paddle comes with a bent shaft that features a kinked section for effective and comfortable positioning of your hands during downward strokes. This together with it’s extremely lightweight ensures that joint fatigue and discomfort is totally reduced. The Fiberglas blades come with a rib right down the center to encourage an even flow of water over the two halves.

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Carlisle Magic Plus

This high-end kayak paddle is a great kayaking accessory if you have a few extra dollars to spend. Having been constructed using blades completely reinforced with fiberglass, it comes out as one of the most durable and lightweight blades that you can get. The shaft is made from fiberglass for a stronger stroke and the asymmetrical blades have a slightly spooned shape to enable you to achieve smoother and more powerful strokes. It also features drip guards and can also be split into two for convenient storage.

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Carlisle Expedition

The Carlisle Expedition Paddle is a solid choice for those who are aiming for long-distance tours. Both the shaft and blades of this paddle are constructed from fiberglass giving it the right combination of durability and power. The blades come with an asymmetrical dihedral shape to completely reduce fluttering. It can be used by both right and left-handed people since you can easily adjust your feathering angle to start controlling it with your right or left hand.

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Aqua-Bound Eagle Ray

For those who are planning to cover very long distances with lots of gear, the Eagle Ray is an ideal choice. This paddle is not only extremely lightweight, but it is also specially designed for low-angle paddling. This means less stress on your back and arms. It also comes with extra-long and extremely slim blades which make it grab more water even after applying very less effort. Moreover, it incorporates fully adjustable Posi-Lok ferrule, an in-built hook retrieval system, and can split into two for easy storage.

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Lifetime Youth Paddle

With a 72 inch length, the Lifetime Youth Paddle is the perfect option for those looking for the best kayak paddles for their younger kids. It is perfectly sized for smaller hands, has a shaft that breaks into two pieces for easy storage, and features asymmetrical-polypropylene blades which enable plenty of power without the use of too much force. What’s more is that it weighs only 27.2 ounces which makes it easy for kids to handle.

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Finding a paddle to go kayaking with is almost as important as finding the right kayak. When you have the best kayak paddles, you will have an easier time maneuvering your kayak to whichever direction you like. Hopefully, with this list of the 8 Best Kayak Paddles, you have been able to find a product that will help you fully enjoy your kayaking adventures.

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