As Mother’s Day is approaching, it’s the time of the year again to show your appreciation to your mum for her optimal care and selfless love. What could be a better way to show your love for your mum than a bunch of delicate flowers arrangements and bouquet? Flowers, as simple as it sounds, is in fact quite complicated as you dive deep. Google about “The Flower Language” and you will be amazed at how much you don’t know about flowers. In layman terms, different flowers can imply a different meaning in different occasion.

Having said that, fret not! Here, we’ve put together a list of the best flowers options to surprise your mum this Mother’s Day!


Roses, though most commonly associated with valentines, can be a really popular choice for Mother’s Day. In fact, roses have been long tied to Motherhood due to its sacredness to the Greek Goddess (ISIS) who is seen as the “Ideal” mother always. If you are thinking about roses, try pink or yellow colored ones. Pink symbolizes elegance and appreciation whereas yellow can means joy and happiness.


Carnations are no doubt the most traditional flower for Mother’s Day. Many Christians believe that carnations symbolize eternal motherly love due to the legend where pink carnations are grown on the ground after Virgin Mary shed her tears for Jesus death. Pink carnations can mean gratitude and love while red carnations can mean admiration. Therefore, you can see a combination of red and pink carnations in most Mother’s Day themed bouquets. On the other side, white carnations are usually given or wear in remembrance of Mother who is no longer around.

Sunflowers and Daisies

Sunflowers and daisies are usually about happiness, vibrancy, and joy. As a cheerful type of flower, they are always a colorful addition to any bouquet and it can symbolize adoration and respect. If your mum is the kind who prefers a more interesting type of flowers and surprises, try Sunflowers and daisies!


The graciousness and beauty of Tulips always make it a popular choice in Mother’s Day. You can brighten up your mums day with a bouquet of Tulips which means love. Pink Tulips signify caring while Red Tulips signify true love.


Violets, though normally for suitors, can also be used to symbolizes devotion and appreciation for your mum for their selfless upbringing of you. A violet bouquet is a great gift to show your appreciation to your mum.


Do you know that in China, Orchids has a really special meaning? The meaning is “many children”. With its majestic appearance, Orchid implies refinement and beauty for your mum. For those of you are into Orchid, another interesting fact of Orchid is that it is also the national flower of Singapore.


Most Mums love Lilies – I don’t know why. Been beloved by mums all around the world, lilies come in different varieties. White lilies mean majesty and daylilies is the Chinese symbol of motherhood.


Lilac, though normally seen in weddings, is a great flower to signify the bonding, love and the relationship between a child and mother. It also is a great choice to make your mum feels special and appreciated.


Some Christians like to associate Irises with Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus. Warmth and affection are what Irises are all about. Coming with a choice of rainbow colors, the blue and the white ones are the most commonly used one in Mother’s Day.

Blooming House Plants

If you have been giving flowers for Mother’s Day the past years, this year you may want to try something different. This is especially if your mum loves gardening too! Try blooming houseplants (like mini roses, orchids, azaleas etc) or outdoor plants. These options have a long-lasting lifetime as compared to a bouquet and it can also dual as a house interior decoration too!


Last but not least, I just want to emphasize that no matter what flowers you buy for your mum, whether it is just a single flower or a bouquet of flowers, please gift the flowers with love and a handwritten note to say how much you appreciate and love your mum. This triumph everything and will melt your mum’s heart instantly.

To all the Mothers in the world – You are the most noble person in the world!

Note that Mother’s Day flower delivery will get busier as Mother’s Day nears on, thus I recommend you to pre-order from your favorite florist earlier to avoid disappointment.

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