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Benjamin Browns – Quench Your Desire For Funky Snacks

I know many of the cafes nowadays are trying to attract customers by photogenic food. Benjamin Browns is certainly one of them which is firstly famous for its signature O.T.T. milkshakes featuring decadent toppings piled high in a mason jar. Colourful and appealing, but every so often, they do not taste as good as they look like. What really attracted me to go to Benjamin Browns is its legendary Bubble Milk Tea Toast.

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We visited the store just recently. It was located in a quiet corner of Forum the Shopping Mall. It was not packed at all during lunch hour. I think they are more attractive as afternoon tea place for friend chitchat.

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The setup is a typical industrial style with bright lightings. Signature food is clearly posted on the walls, making me even more impatient to order my lunch!

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There are two sets of menus packed full of delicious Japanese and Western fusion mains respectively, with the likes of massive Don Bowls and Molten Lava Cheese Burgers. Derek ordered a breakfast plate with sausage, bacon and etc. He was trying to convince himself of keeping a good diet but finally gave up when I ordered much more extra snacks. The staff here recommended the 9-block Japanese snacks which are an interesting mix of chawanmushi, sushi, salmon and etc.

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The flying noodle is another signature from Benjamin Browns. Yes, the Japanese cold noodles just look like floating in the air by some unknown power. Well, as you guessed, there is some invisible wood stand inside. And it comes with special sources. I selected my favourite salted egg flavour.

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Now, comes to the ever fancied Bubble Tea Toast! I cannot explain my love for bubble milk tea and this just makes it a perfect match with the traditional crunchy toast. There are three variations, namely Ovaltine, Crunchie, and Caramel Lotus priced at $6.90 each.

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They also sell a range of cartoon cakes. They are just too adorable to eat.


Address: 583 Orchard Rd #01-20/21
Forum the Shopping Mall
Singapore 238884

  • 7/10
    Quality of Food - 7/10
  • 6.5/10
    Customer Service - 6.5/10
  • 6/10
    Value for Money - 6/10
  • 6/10
    Atmosphere - 6/10


Undoubtedly, the food in Benjamin Browns is Instagram-worthy. I like the Bubble Tea Toast best among all funky look snacks. However, we feel it’s slightly overpriced given the taste is not as good as the food looks like. Our lunch cost us about 100 SGD for two people. That is almost a cost for a lunch buffet in Singapore.