With the recent boom in China’s tourism industry, Chongqing has now become one of the hottest cities in China. Many people came here to Chongqing to visit the prosperous and well-known Hongya dong. However, Chongqing itself has definitely much more than just Hongya Dong to attract visitors. In this post, let me introduce you an upcoming new secret tourist attraction called Beicang Cultural & Creative Park that was built only 2 years ago and has since then, rapidly become one of the Chongqing young millennials’ favorites in the city.

Beicang Cultural & Creative Park is dubbed as the most beautiful warehouse in Chongqing, and it never fails to bring calmness to people’s souls.

Beicang Cultural & Creative Park (北仓文创园), which is located near the famous shopping district Beicheng Tianjie (北城天街), distinguished itself from the skyscrapers filled with flashing neon lights. Used to be an old factory in the hub of the city, Beicang now has become one of the most creative areas by the hands of the street artists. With old-fashioned residential buildings retained, Beicang carries a historical look and feel while at the same time letting out the lively aura with the colorful graffiti on the walls, creative statues and romantic restaurants and cafes. The mix of histories and modern arts makes Beicang serene and peaceful. Here, tourists and residents frequent here to enjoy the slow-paced and relaxing life.

Beicang Library was most well-known to the public. It was built in an old factory and has a perfect combination of mini library, exhibition hall and tea house. People come here to read their favorite books, shares ideas and enjoy a peaceful afternoon with sunray shed on the sofa and hot tea on hands.

Beicang is like a separate world where time just slows down unconsciously and people simply forget about uneasiness from the outside world by wandering around each corner of it or breathing the fresh air in one of the chill-out cafes. Furthermore, there are quite a lot of good local restaurants specialized in spicy food. You will have fun exploring this place!

Because of the calmness and peacefulness in Beicang, many young entrepreneurs in Chongqing also choose to start-up their business here. It is not surprising to find beautiful offices occupied by young startups, and young people with great energy and passion to build the next big thing! Entrepreneurship and creativity just fill the air everywhere.  Trust me, you simply will get inspired visiting here!

We recommend a 3 hours visiting time in Beicang Cultural & Creative Park. Nearby, there is the famous commercial street called 9th street where you can find thousands of entertainment, restaurants, and cafes waiting for you.  In our last visit, we visited Bless U cafe which is a spacious pink themed dessert house, and a spicy food restaurant furnished in Tiffany blue.

Address: 55 Taping, 1st branch of North Jianxin Road, Security Area

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