ban heng dim sum

I visited Ban Heng Pavilion Restaurant around 6 years back when it was still being called Dragon Gate. Though many years had passed, I could still remember my previous dining experience vividly. Cheap + a wide variety of food was my impression of Dragon Gate. Yesterday was my mum’s birthday and as a post-celebration lunch, we decided to have a dim sum buffet today. My sister recommended Ban Heng Pavilion due to her recent positive experience with her friends. Though we read some negative reviews online (on the service & food quality), we decided to try it. Well, people change, so will restaurant.

With a view overlooking Resort World Sentosa and its amazing nightly fireworks, diners at Ban Heng Pavilion Restaurant can sit majestically on the 4th floor of the HarbourFront Centre.

Getting to Ban Heng Pavilion Restaurant

Address: 1 Maritime Square #04-01 HarbourFront Centre Singapore 099253
By MRT: Alight from HarbourFront MRT Station & take Exit B. Follow the Cruise Centre sign, take the lift at Lobby C (next to Cruise Departure/Arrival Hall) to Level 4.

I made the reservation in the morning at around 9:30AM for 4 persons. When we reached the restaurant’s front door, we were invited into the restaurant to our table by the staff. At 12:00PM, there were still empty tables around so I think walk-in dining option is available too. Ban Heng Pavilion Restaurant is a banquet style restaurant where you can see lots of big 10/12 pax tables around. I believe they specialised more on wedding banquets.

ban heng dim sum

On the table, you will be served Chinese tea, pickles and wet tissues which come at $2 ++ per person. Wanted to return these but we already drank the Chinese tea. Abit paiseh to do it also. It’s near Chinese New Year Period, so Ban Heng is also having a promotion for their YuSheng (30% off). We decided to opt out for it.

So, this is an ala carte dim sum buffet where you ‘tick’ your items on the paper and they will bring it over to your table. There are also two special items (dim sum of the day) where each person is only entitled one serving of it.

ban heng dim sum

At the middle of the restaurant, there is this self-serving buffet where you can get ready-cooked food and beverages. Not sure if the food variety will change on other days though. There are fried rice, e noodles, century egg porridge, mashed yam (or ni), chilli crab paste and man tou, chang fen, laksa, fried chicken wings, spring rolls, desserts and more. Quite an amazing spread right?

The Self-serving Buffet Section

ban heng dim sum

The Beverages Section

ban heng dim sum

We placed our dim sum order before exploring the self-service buffet. The dim sum didn’t take long to arrived and each “long” comes with 4 items. (Just nice for 4 of us).

Steamed Mini Lotus Paste Bun

The filling seems to have some peanuts in it and it don’t look mini!

ban heng dim sum

Steamed Shrimp Dumpings (Har Kow)

ban heng dim sum

Steamed Siew Mai

ban heng dim sum

Ngo Hiang & Fried Dough 

The nho hiang is not bad, tasted quite similar to my mum’s home made ngo hiang.

ban heng dim sum

Fried Fish With Sweet & Sour Sauce

Boiled Dumpings in Tom Yum Soup

Nicole ordered this and this comes in a big bowl of soup. This turned out to be the best dish for me.

ban heng dim sum

Steamed Shanghai Meat Dumplings

ban heng dim sum

Paper Wrapped Chicken Wings

Initially I thought the paper can be eaten. I felt stupid.

ban heng dim sum

Steamed Siew Mai With Shrimp (Dim sum of the day)

ban heng dim sum

Deep Fried Scallop & Cheese Coated With Yam Paste (Dim sum of the day)

ban heng dim sum

Steamed Chive Dumping in Peking Style

ban heng dim sum

Steamed Barbequed Pork Buns

ban heng dim sum

Steamed Salted Egg Yolk “Liu Sha” Bun

ban heng dim sum

Steamed Chicken Claws With Black Bean Sauce

ban heng dim sum

Century Egg Porridge

ban heng dim sum

Boiled Herbal Chicken Soup

ban heng dim sum

Fried Chicken Wings

Their chicken wings tasted quite similar to mcWings. I wonder what is their recipe.

ban heng dim sum

Vanilla Ice Cream

We ended our dim sum with a self-service vanilla ice cream.

ban heng dim sum

  • 6/10
    Quality of Food - 6/10
  • 7/10
    Customer Service - 7/10
  • 6.5/10
    Value for Money - 6.5/10
  • 6/10
    Atmosphere - 6/10


We spent around $126 SGD NETT for 4 persons. ($31.50 each). I would say Ban Heng has a wide variety of food and their self-service buffet section is quite impressive. Their Or Ni and e noodles tasted just like the ones in wedding banquets.

The customer service is good, the auntie who served our table is very friendly & nice.

The quality of dim sum is OKAY. However if you are looking for super good quality dim sum, this might not be for you.

TIP: You may want to return the wet tissues, Chinese tea and pickles ($2++ per person). If you are having the dim sum buffet, there is a beverage section which serves hot coffee/tea & cold drinks.

  1. The food is worse than hawkers’ standard. That aside, the service was really TERRIBLE. Because we made feedback to the staff about the poor quality of the food (in really polite terms), one of the staff charged towards us and STRANGLED me. The staff was a chinese national, really reflects poorly on the restaurant group, and of course the attacker’s poor upbringing.

    The police came down and I could not even get an apology. If you want to pay for really poor quality food and get strangled, Ban Heng is the place. I was at Ban Heng Habourfront.

    1. Hello Jas! What a bad experience with Ban Heng. Hope you got compensated or gotten an satisfed answer from the management -> The strangling part was really too much!

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