This is Part 3 of All You Need to Know Before Going to Taiwan. Continued from Part 2.


Here are other information that we research on before the trip.

  • Entry Permit

I require an entry permit as I am of Chinese nationality. For Chinese nationality,  you can check here for information on how you can apply entry permit to Taiwan.

  • Mobile Plan

There are three big mobile providers in Taiwan: Taiwan Mobile, FetNet and Chunghwa Telecom. It is recommended to buy the mobile plan from the airport (After exiting customs). There is a 4G unlimited usage 10 days plan at only 500 nt.

  • Cash Exchange

The exchange rate of NT to SGD is around 24. We suggest you check the real time rate before exchanging.

  • Souvenir

Taiwan is a tropical country and is famous for its delicious tropical fruits. Although it’s not a good idea to buy fresh fruits back, you can always buy dried fruits such as dried mango and jackfruit. Taiwan mochi , Nougat and pineapple cake are great souvenirs ideas as well. Besides food, you can also consider buying cosmetics like Taiwan’s brand facial mask.

  • Local emergency numbers
    • Police – 110
    • Fire Department – 119

Setting the budget

Budgeting a trip beforehand is mandatory to ensure that you will not exceed your budget during the trip. Here is an example of how we budget for our taiwan trip

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That’s all on our tutorial on how we plan for our taiwan trip. Pretty straightforward right?

Lastly, check out our next post to read about our adventures in Taiwan 2016 together!

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