What to Buy in Singapore in 2022: Top 8 Things to Buy in Singapore

When you are traveling, I am sure you will always have this question in mind. “What should I buy back for my family & friends?” This is a common question that always bothers me when I am on a trip. Being a Singaporean, here is a list of 8 things that I will recommend visiting tourists to buy back.



Bak-Kwa or dried BBQ sliced pork is a well-known local snack in Singapore & Malaysia. Bak-Kwa is originated from Fujian, China and it was brought to Singapore by the early chinese immigrants. It is usually widely eaten during the Chinese New Year period where prices can go up to $50 per kg.

Yakun Kaya Spread


The traditional breakfast toast set is immensely popular in Singapore. The set consist of two soft boiled eggs, a toast with kaya spread and a cup of tea/coffee. Tourists who tasted this breakfast set in Singapore are always impressed by the delicious kaya spread. Kaya is made from eggs, coconut milk & sugar. Okay, the good news is that you can buy this kaya spread back! It is available in all Yakun stores islandwide at just $4.80SGD per bottle.

Tiger Balm Products


Do you know that Tiger Balm originates from the early ancients court of chinese emperors? Tiger balm’s business operations (started by Chinese herbalist, Aw Chu Kin) was shifted from China to Singapore and since then, it had gained worldwide recognition for its products. You can find tiger balm products in most of the convenience store in Singapore. Rub away your pain!



TWG (The Wellbeing Group) is a luxury tea brand founded in Singapore. The brand boasted over 800 + selection of tea leaves harvested from all around the world. This is a great souvenir for people who enjoy tea.

Pandan Chiffon Cake


Every local singaporean will have tasted this pandan chiffon cake at least once in a lifetime. To be frank, I am not sure why tourist love it! But they just does. The Pandan chiffon cake in Singapore is comparable to the tokyo banana in Japan. Well, when you have celebrities like Andy Lau or Jolin Tsai buying boxes of pandan chiffon cake back when they visit Singapore, you know you have to buy it. You can buy it in a local bakery chain called Bengawan Solo in Singapore.

Premixes and Ready To Cook Pastessauces singapore

As you know, Singapore is well known for its hawker food. If you visit Singapore, you MUST try our hawker food if not your trip will not be complete. For those of you who love it, you are in luck! You can buy back ready-to-cook pastes, pre-mixes, sauces & spices of our local delights from supermarkets. Chilli crabs, curry, satay sauces, chicken rice paste, bah kut teh and more!

Charles & Keith Products


Charles & Keith is a fashion chain that is founded in Singapore. Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy (LVMH) has invested a 20% stake in 2011 which further value added to the brand. Ladies will love the designs. Why not buy one back for your girlfriend or wife?

Keychains or merchandise with Merlion Symbol


There are many tourists who love Singapore’s Merlion! For your knowledge, Merlion is a bizarre half-lion, half-mermaid mascot. You can easily find Merlion’s merchandise in any tourist attraction areas like Chinatown etc. It only costs a few bucks.

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