People get their ears pierced for different reasons. In certain culture, piercing is a practice when one is born. Just like necklace or bracelet, piercing is just one type of body adornment.  With different types of ear piercing (such as the standard lower lobe piercing or helix piercing) and designs of earrings, one will look very differently. In this blog, I will recommend 8 pairs of earrings that are not exaggeratingly fancy but are uniquely designed to make you stand out from the ordinary.

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Gold Cherry

For people who are easily allergic to certain metals, I will recommend pure gold- or silver-made earrings. However, this comfort-ability sometimes will only be achieved at the sacrifice of the design. Lack of flexibility to mix with other elements such as diamonds, pure gold earrings may look quite dull and thus it’s important to look for details and curve of the shape.  This gold cherry stud is a good example. Weighed at only 200-300 gram, it looks so cute and vivid just like the real one. Whoever wears it will immediately turn back to the energetic teenage girl. Can you resist this temptation?

Black Heart

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This is also stud but compared to the former one, this pair gives more PUNK and ROCK feel. Who likes to live an obedient, dull life? If your answer is NO, then try this pair which brings you more rebellion, cool and fun while still keeps calm. One of the reasons I like to wear stud is because it is more suitable than earrings when you are wearing pants/shorts or sports.

Asymmetrical Pearls

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Symmetry is good but asymmetry is more fun. Instead of the normal design with exactly same pair, this design presents two different styles on the left and right. With metal fringing on one side, you can look more feminine while the other side make you a quite elegant girl. I really love this design, as people then can see the different aspects of me.

Long Fringing

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Actually, fringing is very popular in recent years. Mixed with different colours and deco elements, the earrings look exotic and Bohemia style. Particularly, this long fringing perfectly showcases the grace and femininity of woman. Because of this bright blue colour, it is also recommended to wear it when you are taking portrait photos.

Vintage Fringing

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If you are a vintage lover, then this one should definitely not be missed out. Again with the most trendy fringing, this design brings us back to the old time when there was an elegant princess living a carefree and luxurious life in a grand palace with her beloved prince. Earrings with fringing are really recommended when you are wearing dresses or skirts.

USA Stars

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If only from an aesthetics point of view, I think my favorite flag is USA. Blue and red is a perfect match that brings a lot of energy and joy along with the shiny stars. Luckily this design mixes all the elements from the USA flag, which is extremely eye-catching particularly when bright lights cast on the little diamonds. Personally, I think this is suitable for any occasion.

Japanese Fan

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Japan is an interesting country with many interesting designs and inventions. This earring is just one of the many. Inspired by the traditional Japanese fan which is usually colorful with cherry blossoms, this design immediately brings people back to the Edo Times. Wearing this, I will feel like I am a traditional Japanese girl who is seen as soft, gentle and caring. Because of the bright red, this is also good when you are taking a photo.

Elegant Pearl

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From the previous recommendation, you may already notice that pearl is a common decoration. This pair of earrings are simply brilliant pearls connected by the silver chain. The simplicity actually brings more elegance, confidence and femininity. This pair is extremely good when you are attending a formal event or dressed very gracefully.

All of the above recommended earrings are from my personal collection and are affordable. Hope you all like it.

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