Since the boom of e-Commerces in Singapore, there is a big increase in consumers who prefer shopping online as compared to offline. Well, there are many reasons why consumers prefer so – The convenience and cost savings play a huge factor. Shifting the business model to e-Commerce has enabled retailers & merchants to reduce unnecessary overheads (e.g. rental cost, electricity bills), which in turn enable them to offer more cost savings to the consumers.

Online shopping retail sales are predicted to grow steadily to $370 billion in 2017, up from $231 billion in 2012.

That’s great news to the consumers! Who doesn’t like more savings right? Today, let us share about 6 online shopping hacks to help you enjoy more savings. Alot of experienced shoppers are using these hacks to help to save more! Don’t lose out.

#1 Always use Coupon codes

When you shop online, you must always use promo or coupon codes! Believe or not, around 90% of the e-Commerce websites have coupon codes to entice consumers to shop and spend more. Of course, finding valid and good coupons code can be hard. You can use coupons site like, CouponzGuru, Flipit, and more. For example – Currently you can get Flat 10% Off On Redmart by using this coupon code.

#2 Create a shopping email & subscribe to newsletters

It’s good to have an email that is created solely for shopping. Subscribe and sign up for newsletters in e-Commerces websites using that email. The reason is simple. Chances are when a retailer/merchant comes out with a promotion idea or coupon code, they will mostly likely send the coupon code to their subscribers first. Some coupons may have an expiry or redemption limit, so being the first to get it always help.

#3 Make full use of your credit card

Previously, we always used paypal to charge for our purchases and we finally realized that we are missing so much. We are not making full use of our credit card rebates system! Banks normally come out with shopping credit cards where you can earn more rebates while shopping online. One good example will be the DBS Live Fresh Card from DBS. You can get up to 5% cashback & 3x DBS points when you shop online.

#4 Add to cart and wait for discounts

This is a great method that we learnt from a friend. To be frank, it’s a smart hack! You can add your items to the shopping cart and wait a few days before committing a purchase. First, please ensure that you are logged into your account. The e-Commerce website may send you a coupon code or offer within this few days to encourage you to checkout. This is one of the CRM features (growth hacking technique) that e-Commerces websites nowadays commonly use to help to generate more revenue and conversions. It never hurts to just wait a few more days; you may get great savings off as a result of that!

#5 Google is your best friend

Before you do any online shopping, please remember that Google is always your best friend. Always Google around to compare prices of your products. You may be surprise the the price of product may varies between different e-Commerce websites. Also, ensure that you do your due diligence before committing a purchase. Reading reviews from customers who bought the products previously always give you a better idea on the quality and customer service.

#6 Follow your favorite brands or website on social media

Facebook has now become one of the most common platform that brands, retailers & merchants used to connect with the consumers. Occasionally, there may be special discounts that are entitled to just their fans/followers. Don’t miss out!

We hope you enjoy these 6 shopping hacks and happy shopping! Feel free to add on to the list and feedback via the comments section below.

  1. yes – E-commerce shopping industry is in full fledge nowadays. It’s growing rapidly with interesting and exciting coupons offers. These coupons update regularly with xml coupon api. I really liked it a point of using coupon codes for shopping your products. Will keep coming on for next update as well.


  2. I found a cool tool to get promo codes:

    It’s a browser extension that automatically finds and applies the best promo codes at checkout.

    Have saved me loads of $$$ so far!

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