When traveling abroad, whether for business or leisure holiday, a few simple ideas are all you need to follow to enjoy significant savings. Every penny that you save can, after all, be spent on other avenues that help make your trip more exciting. Don’t you agree? Here are some easy travel hacks to get the utmost out of your money while you are travelling. These travel tips will make you not only a much smarter traveler but also a much more savvy traveler.

Shop and eat in local streets

Food found near tourist attractions are often high-priced! Instead, make sure you scour the local streets for great and cheap authentic local food – This is the pocket-friendly way. Also, learning the local language helps in easier interaction with people who may help you get better deals in the locality as compared to other tourists.

Don’t look for hotels, try homestay or BnBs.

If you are planning for holidays, this travel hack will help you save a lot of money. Instead of looking for a hotel, opt for Homestay. Homestay will help you to know more about the place, people, culture, and tradition. This is the right way to experience local culture! You may be surprise, this option will help you to save handful of money.  Normally, accommodation may accounts to up to 30% of the expenses when you travel.

Travel light or pack smart

Excess baggage means paying substantial penalties at airports. So pack only the necessities in smaller luggage that you can drag along easily. Roll your clothes and pack them. This way, you can make room for more clothes without them getting crumpled or withered. Also, you can use stuffing cubes and put socks inside shoes to preserve space. Best if you have an air tight bag. Traveling light not only spares you the mental and physical stress of carrying bulky luggage around, but also saves you money and time from checking in your extra luggage.

Bring own water bottles

These come in convenient as buying water outside can be very expensive. I had a shock when I realized that I have to pay close to $8 euros for a bottle of mineral water when I am travelling in Europe. Lesson learnt! So, before leaving your  hotel/homestay,  always be sure to fill the bottle with plenty of water!

Book flights in advance

Flight rates can be inflated tremendously closer to travel seasons, so reserve well in advance. Travel during off-peak season and during weekdays to save money. Ensure that you eliminate cookies and cache from airlines websites, as they can track your surfing activity and jack up the rates when you tour next. If you are using chrome, use the incognito mode.

Bring your student / national ID card along.

Many attractions places like museums & amusement parks offer student or senior citizen discounts. So, if you have a student/senior citizen ID, you can save some money when you visit tourist attractions. Tip: Well, even if you have just recently graduated, they don’t usually check to see if you are still in school –  you are still entitled a whole bunch of discounts. Try your luck!

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