Do you enjoy travelling with your beloved? If you are on the lookout for another exciting and surprising yet romantic travels for your better half, here are some unique and romantic travel ideas to make your beloved feel more special and loved.

A Date on a Hot-Air Balloon

Yes, this may sounds crazy and daring but trust me, it’s very romantic. Take her on a field and tell her you will go star-gazing as usual when she or he asks why. And then she will  surely be surprised to see a hot-air balloon waiting for her. Add a table for two inside with wine and a luscious dinner and make it a date she will never forget in a lifetime. Of course, make sure you guys are not afraid of heights!

Start hotairballoon season, cooking high in the sky #culiairskydining #basballon #masterchef

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Appreciate the Nature Together

Take your special someone to somewhere she has never been before; to a place deep in the forest or a lake where you guys can enjoy the nature and quiet and slow-paced environment together. Being close to nature, you get to live your fantasies together and give a different feel to your relationship.

Enjoy Beautiful Scene Together

Invite him or her to spend the weekend on a tree house somewhere in a place where the view is romantically pleasing to the eye. Prepare a simple picnic with some wine while enjoying the beautiful view together.

So, this is what I’ve been doing all day 😏 #treehouseview 🍸

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Going on a Road Trip

Travelling together to any part of the state by car is one of the sweetest activities you can both do. This is like saying both of you will be together no matter where you go. Pack your things and your camping paraphernalia so you can stop by a romantic spot and spend the night star-gazing, talking, laughing and singing among others.

Weekend Getaways Nearby

Weekend gateways are considered as the most fun filled way to utilize the weekend. It create opportunities for a romantic get together with your loved one. A weekend gateway is a typical weekend trip that you can plan for within the close vicinity so that you can complete it within your weekend.

Exploring Nice Food & Restaurants

One of the most common things that couples do together is eating. Exploring nice food and restaurants in a new place maybe be romantic to most couples as well! Be sure to plan out the to-visit restaurants and must-eat food in advance.

In fact, when you are in love with someone, it does not really matter where you go or what you do as long as you are next to the one person that inspires you the most. These six romantic ideas for couples however may add some spices to your ever growing relationship. This way you can keep the passion burning and the romance flickering like sunlight. Remember that doing romantic things together once in a while is the secret formula to keep love strong and alive.

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