Do you like the earrings I wrote about previously? If you do so, you will find like this too. Here are 5 new earrings that I love and the best thing is that it won’t hurt your purse!

Rabbit Fur Drop Dangle Earrings

The drop is made from either rabbit or mink fur (the price will differ largely depending on the fur). Nevertheless, the cute round ball is really the best match for a romantic day during winter. Doesn’t it look like snow? Besides, the plush pendant velvet is the most trendy in recent days.  With the classic emerald green, the pair definitely will make you as elegant as a princess.

Black Wood Pentagon Asymmetrical Long Chain Earrings

Black seems to be always represents grace and nobility. This is extremely true when it comes to the perfect mix of wood pentagon and fringes. The asymmetrical design really brings liveliness to the extreme serenity of the black.

Rain Drop Diamond Earrings

Some people like drizzling days because it really sounds like a lively song. Wearing the rain drop on the ear is nothing but definitely spiritual and romantic. With the sparkling silver and diamond, anyone wearing this earring will become a spotlight.

Golden Feather Pearl Earring

This is a completely handmade earring. The golden feather has a very strong sense of flow lines, making the entire design more vivid. The pearl is actually not real ‘pearl’ but made of mulberry silk. Undoubtedly, the unique design and the special material has made this pair definitely an eye-catcher.

Diamond Yellow Duck Earrings

This is the cutest pair of earrings I have seen so far! The yellow ducks are so bright and adorable with the decoration of yellow diamonds. It looks as if these two little creatures are whispering to you at any time. If you are bored with the adult life, do try this out!

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