In Singapore, Cafe is a preferred place for young people to chill out with friends and pamper oneself with dedicated desserts. We can notice an increasing number of new cafes in Singapore recently. This is pretty much due to the preferences among youngsters nowadays. One of my favourite activities during the weekend is to find a specialty cafe and write my posts while enjoying a cup of drink.

In this post, I will be sharing about the 5 different cafes I been to for the few months.

Brunches Cafe

Address: 96 Rangoon Road







Some say it’s one of the best-looking cafe in Singapore. While people may hold their different views, I have to admit this cafe has achieved its finest on the old school vintage style. There is a table decorated in a white vintage car which makes people feel like riding in a wind. Their menu is mostly for breakfast and brunch with a good variety of desserts and beverages. I really love the brownies! Freshly out of the oven, the brownie is filled with hot chocolate on the inside, diffusing an irresistible “choco” smell. The brownie is so soft that the moment you put it in your mouth it just melts with the chocolate inside. With the vanilla ice cream besides it, the mouthfeel becomes even better.

Art Art & Away

@27 tessensohn road


Art Art & Away cafe is as artistic as its name suggested. It is also a gallery selling paintings and vintage furniture. The decoration is colourful and lively. If you are a desserts fan, you will love it! Besides cheese cakes, pudding, smoothies, my favourite is its egg waffle. I have always been wondering the differences between waffle and egg waffle. Apparently their appearance look slightly different, the mouthfeel is also not exactly same due to ingredients. I feel egg waffle has more flour! Anyway the chocolate waffle here is the best one I tried in Singapore!

Non Entree Cafe

@204 Rangoon Road, Singapore 218451


While the name of the cafe is in French and I cannot totally understand what it means (don’t enter? or no main course?), the appearance of the cafe looks so “fairy tale” and cute. This cafe is famous for its creative desserts. Instead of those commonly-seen cubic cheese cake or tiramisu,  Non Entree has a wide variety of desserts made into weird but cute shapes. We went there during Halloween and they were offering a special TNT dessert. You will never know what it is made of by just looking at its amazing look : basil-marinated wild strawberries, fizzy yuzu form,  lychee sorbet, pistachio sponge all encrusted in a milk chocolate dynamite, planted in earl grey chocolate soil with Moscato jelly and fizzy raspberry rocks. Isn’t it amazing? Do pay a visit if you like to experience something really different and interesting.

SOD cafe

@51 Hougang Avenue, 9 #01-03, Ci Yuan Community Centre, Singapore 538776

I used to think SOD stands for Start of the Day. But if you check out their website, you will know it means Supper Oxide Dismutase which is a chemical term (the owner must be chemistry lover). Promoting a concept of healthier diet, SOD currently has two locations in Singapore. The one i been to one near to Ci Yuan community club in Hougang. SOD is quite famous for its bubble tea and you can even order online delivery. But, as compared to their signature bubble tea, I prefer its fruit juice better. Besides, its menu for breakfast and brunch are also worth a try with very affordable price.

20F Specialty Coffeehouse (Closed)

@20 Foch Road, Singapore 209261 (Farrer Park MRT)

I first tried waffle and duck in a restaurant in London and cannot forget about it ever since then. It is indescribable how excited I was when I knew there is a cafe specialising in waffle and duck in Singapore too (well, this is not the only place to eat waffle and duck in Singapore, another famous one is PODI). I must try it! Located in Jalan Besar where there are various chic and artisanal style cafes, 20F was opened in 2015 to replace a 60-year old clinic. You can directly see the open kitchen from the dining area where faint light is casting its warm to the simple and vintage table settings. The menu has demonstrated the great efforts they have put in inventing creative dishes from breakfast to brunch and even to beverages. Different from others, the waffle and duck here is served with mixed berries sorbet and fresh strawberries. The duck itself is decorated with a slightly sweet sauce and tastes super tender. With a mixed feeling of sweetness, savouriness, cool and warmth, their waffle and duck is a dish you won’t forget! We also ordered their specialty 20F ice coffee which has a coffee flavoured sorbet floating in a fragrant coffee. This is really a good place to enjoy a relaxing afternoon with free wifi provided.

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