Watching travel videos on Youtube is a great way to kill time for me. As a travel enthusiast, I would rather watch short clips on travel than watch those typical dramas on television. The reason why I enjoy watching travel videos on Youtube is that those videos are truly inspiring and they are all filmed by individuals and like-mind travelers who are living their dreams now!

Here are my four favorite travel channels on Youtube. In case you are wondering, these channels are not ranked in any particular order.

The Food Ranger

Trevor James aka The Food Ranger is a food & travel addict who is well-known about his passion for Chinese culture. He currently resides in Chengdu, Sichuan and is training to be a Si Chuan chef at the moment. By the way, I think he can speak better Chinese than most Chinese people!


I came across Attache when I am searching for travel videos on Hongkong. Attache is a travel show that get you in, out and around the world’s greatest cities. Alex Hunter, the funny talking host, brags an amazing profile! He is a keynote speaker, a digital media expert (Serving as Head of Online at Virgin Group) and seasoned angel investor.

Monkey Abroad

Kevin Cook aka the Monkey show you how money does not deter you from travelling. The concept of this show is to teach you how you can travel with just $20 bucks a day. I find this channel amazingly useful because I always want to travel budget and experience cities like a local.


There is no better combination than traveling for food. If you love food + travel, you love Migrationology. This channel is started by Mark Wiens who is a full-time travel eater. Mark Wiens guide on you on how you can travel for food and learn more about authentic local food in different cities.

Are there any others travel youtube channels that you are following regularly? Feel free to share under the comments section.

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