To most people, Singapore is popular for its diversity of food. One of the reasons is because Singapore is a multi-racial & multi-cultural country. Just by looking around Singapore, you will always find numerous restaurants varying in size, cuisine and price in any area. Today, I want to introduce some interesting and worth-to-visit restaurants that we came across while exploring restaurants in Singapore. Hope you find it useful!

Hungry Hero

Address: 33 Tessensohn Road, Singapore 217656

If you are fan of superheroes, this is the restaurant you must definitely visit! As the name suggests, this is a super hero themed restaurant. The restaurant is two storeys high with a mediterranean styled interior design. The moment you went in, you will be amazed by the framed vintage comics and posters on the walls under the warm orange lights. Walking around, you will see big statues of superman and batman on the middle of the wall in front of the open kitchen and there is a stunning collection of ‘weapons’ on the opposite wall. The high ceiling makes people feel relax and comfortable. Specializes in meats dishes, the menu ranging from platters, sides/snacks, main course on meats, burgers and beverages. We ordered the Nice to Meat You platter which consists of half rack pork ribs, sirloin, de-boned chicken leg, pulled pork with fries and mesclun salads. This is definitely the biggest temptation to meat lovers like me. You may want to order the coriander honey sauce which tasted special and nice too! Honestly, this is platter for 2 to 3 people and both me and my boy friend felt extremely full after finish every single piece of meat.

Hungry Hero is less than 5 mins walk from Farrer Park and there are many cafes such as the Art Art and Away nearby too. It is an ideal place to chill out.


[email protected] Plaza Singapura

Lokkee is a relatively new concept restaurant under the giant restaurant chain Tunglok (the other restaurants under Tunglok including Lao Beijing and Tunglok Seafood etc.). Different from most traditional Chinese cuisine, Lokkee is hybrid of Chinese and Western that is said to be originated from Chinese immigrants living overseas. Decorated mostly in red and black with bright lightings, the restaurant is not big and impressive as it menu is. But the moment when you noticed the condom-like tissue, you know this will be a fun dining experience and just cannot wait to see the spark brought up by the east and west cuisine. Although the most well-known dish is its flaming pineapple, we ordered Chongqing spicy chicken called Firecracker Chicken Nest. The chicken meat is put in a traditional bamboo sieve (which is used to sieve seed in farm in China). Honestly, the taste of chicken was not genuine like I tried in Chongqing but I am pretty impressed by its ‘egg’. Remember to be careful when you trying to swallow it like an egg, because it’s not an egg. It’s mango!  We also ordered a braised pork bun which tastes super good with coriander and pickle in the inside (I know some of you cannot bear with the taste of coriander!). Personally, I have always been thinking that Chinese bun and western burgers are “brothers of the same mum” as they both are made into similar shape with various irresistible meat. For dessert, we ordered fried banana with vanilla ice-cream. It was just perfect after you have ate heaty meat. The freshness of vanilla and the coconut just helped neutralise the mouthfeel!

Every dish is a new creation that can remind you of the old classic dish made by your mum while at the same time gives you a fresh new mouthfeel that sparks perfectly. The price is slightly on the high side but considering the uniqueness of the taste and dining experience, I do recommend you to give Lokkee a try!

Open Farm Community

Address: 130E Minden Road Singapore 248819

There are quite a number of good reviews on Open Farm Community, so we decided to make a trip down for our anniversary celebration. For your information, Open Farm Community is located near the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. If you are taking public transport (bus), you can just alight at Opp S’pore Botanic Gdns bus stop.

The ambience of Open Farm Community is great! Arriving at the entrance, you can see a playground catered for kids. The restaurant is surrounded by a beautifully maintained garden where you can see the different fruits, flowers and vegetables. It feels just like a countryside in Australia. Our reservation is at 6:30PM and by the time we reached, the restaurant is already quite packed. It is highly recommendation to make a reservation in advance. We spent some time outside the restaurant taking photos before going in for our dinner.

This is what we ordered:

Starters: Coal-baked omelette, smoked haddock, tarragon & grain mustard mornay

Mains: Roasted short rib, buttery green asparagus, crispy kuzu noodles, Vietnamese pho flavours & Chicken katsu burger, carrot spaghetti, white cabbage chiffonade, curly fries, lime & Japanese mayo – all in between a spring onion bun!

Desserts: Compressed watermelon discs, mexican tarragon ice cream, rock melon snow, chocolate soil

Drinks: Virgin Mojito & White Cherry Ice Tea

We read about reviews that their lamb shank is a must order. As we don’t eat lamb, we didn’t manage to try that out. Open Farm Community is very generous with the serving and we are totally bloated at the end of the session.

If there is one thing to pinpoint, the food took quite a while to arrive and we feel that the serving time can be improved. The total dinner cost around $150SGD which we feel is somewhere at the steep side. Nevertheless, we enjoyed the dinner.

Supply & Demand

Address: 277 Orchard Road, #02-13/14, Orchard Gateway, 238858

Supply and Demand is an Italian Asian Bistro with branches located in both Esplanade Mall and Orchard Gateway. I first tried its fries and a few cocktails at its rooftop bar in its Esplanade branch. Impressed by the ambience and food there, we recently went to try out Supply and Demand in Orchard again. Just like many other Bistro, the interior design is generally following the industrial chic style with many dedicated decoration. With a wide range of Italian food and southeast asian cuisine, it also has a grill menu that changes often at the chef’s’ discretion.

We ordered the pasta Chorizo E Rucola, salted egg chicken wings and pork sausage platter.  To be honest, I am not that into pasta. However, their home-made sauce surprising kept me eating up without any leftovers. The salted egg chicken wings were just in trend with the salted egg lava bread and salted egg crab which become relatively well known in Singapore. The pork sausages also tasted nice with different dipping sauces. Although some people have complained that the serving time is long, we think it is still tolerable compared to the always long queue in front of every restaurant in Orchard at dinner time. We spent around $70 for the dinner in total. Do note there is no cocktail served during dinner and lunch will have a different set of menu.

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