Every so often, we were impressed by the beautiful photos taken by professional photographers, and dreamt that one day we are able to take photos like that eventually. Unfortunately, photography is not something that you can learn in just a few days. It involves alot of time and effort perfecting your skills to be good at it! On top of the sophisticated photography skills, photo editing is another essential knowledge every aspiring photographer must know. The “magical” capabilities that Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom provide may be slightly too “technical” for people with little experience. But, don’t worry! In this post, I will recommend some of the most popular and useful apps that you can use to beautify your photos in just a few minutes. Without much photo editing skills, you can now edit your photo more professionally with a few taps. It’s just like magic!

Apps to beautify selfie

perfect365 (Android | IOS)


This app is a very powerful makeup tool that is particularly useful for girls who are bad at make up and cosmetics like me. LOL.

IMG_4406The face detection feature is so amazing that most of time I don’t need to fine tune the photo at all. There are many makeup filters like daily, glamour and etc. You can also make up yourself step by step from foundation to eyes and even to wig just like what you will do in reality! However, to be honest, this app maybe more suitable for westerners compared to asians as most of the makeup filters are quite ‘heavy’. Asian girls prefer ‘nude’ style better. See the example for my photo edited using perfect365.

beautyCam (Android | IOS)


This is the app I always use. It comes with a Chinese and English version. It has similar features as perfect365. The filters look more natural and fit Asian skins better.  One of the downside is that it does not have so many options and you can’t fine tune each part, being it eyebrow or lip after applying the filter. One big improvement compared to perfect 365 is that the skin in beautyCam look more moisturised and tender. Check out the examples below.


FaceTune (Android | IOS) is another popular app but unfortunately it is a paid app. On the other hand, BeautyPlus (Android | IOS) is a good choice too and it’s free.



Apps for color editing

snapseed (Android | IOS)

Snapseed-photography-android-appSnapseed is arguably the most popular and poweful app for photo editing. The features it provides is even comparable to Photoshop! Furthermore, it’s so easy to use. Well, that’s expected of Google products!

Besides basic functions such as cropping & rotating images, ‘tune image’ is the feature I frequently use. It allows you to fine tune brightness, ambiance, satiation and anything you can think of! The most amazing part is that you can only fine tune part of the image by choosing the selective function.This is extremely helpful when your exposure is imbalance when you took the photo. The filters it provides are also great, among which the HDR is most useful to edit landscape.

vscocam (Android | IOS)

vsco-cam-iconThis is a perfect match for snapseed. IMG_4407I will always use vscocam after snapseed, although snapseed also provides functionalities to fine tune image. Comparatively, its biggest strength is the wide variety of vintage style filters which are excellent for daily lifestyle posts. Just like Lightroom, you can also synchronise photo editing steps to multiple photos which help save a significant amount of effort.

mix (Android | IOS)

Mix is as powerful as snapseed & vsocam in terms of fine tuning.
The reason why I listed it here is because of its amazing flare filters. Flare filters is the effect that makes your photo look more shiny! By adding sun ray from different angles, you can simply turn a photo of winter into autumn like this!


Apps to add stickers

Here are some of the apps you can use to add stickers to your photos.

Juju Sticker 

Meitu Sitckers (Android | IOS)

decoAlbum (Android | IOS)


Apps to collage photos

InstaMag (Android | IOS)


PosterLabs (Android | IOS)


InstaMag and PosterLabs provide different ways to collage photos. Besides normal collage with a simple plain background, you can choose from many awesome magazine style templates. In addition, InstaMag also has PIP style which makes your photo just fantastic like a professional one.

Apps to make double exposure effect

InstantBlend (Android | IOS)



This is awesome replacement for double exposure with DSLR. However, since its free, you need to bear with annoying ads almost every time you click a button.




Comparatively, MultiExpo is easier to learn and use. With lesser in-app ads, this app more user friendly. But as you can see, both apps may only make square photos suited for Instagram. For additional features, charges apply. I will talk more on what kind of photos you need to make the double exposure more attractive in further posts.

Other special effects

brushstroke – A paid app to turn your photos into paintings 


kropcircle – Cropping circle


marblecam – water


All-In-One Apps





poco camera 




The four apps are all very powerful as they combined features from multiple apps into one. The features includes fine tune images, cropping images, filters, selfie and collage. The biggest benefit of using such all-in-one app is that you can save up your storage by just installing one app! The photos below  are example of Meituxiuxiu. Can you see the difference from the selfies in the beginning of the post?


That’s all for this post, hope you find the list useful. You can consider using some of these apps to help you beautify your photos next time. If you have any questions, feel free to write to me using the comments section below.

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