Do you know that giving a girl fresh flowers on a special occasion is always a romantic and delightful thing to do? Though most girls don’t specially request for flowers openly, having received one can make her over the moon for days. I know this because I am a just a¬†typical girl. ūüôā Here are our picks for the top 10 most romantic flower arrangement and bouquet you can get in Singapore from Little Flower Hut.

If you are planning to get some flowers for your girl, don’t be surprised that this requires much knowledge and research too. The first thing to know is that every flower arrangement has a special meaning. In fact, different flower symbolizes different meaning, should it be Vanity, Love at first sight, happiness and much more. For example, red roses symbolize romantic love, daisy symbolize purity. So, make sure you get the right flowers for the right occasion. Tip: Equip yourself with some knowledge of the flowers¬†arrangements, and you will wow and capture the heart of your girl.

Me with my bouquet from

HOT (Roses) / Gorgeously Special  (Roses)

Red roses are an expression of love and 12 red roses mean “Be Mine” and “I Love You”.¬† Whether you are planning to confess your love or for your anniversary, the HOT & Gorgeously Special bouquet above is worth considering.

Hugs (Roses)

Hugs is a beautiful arrangement that consists of a variety of pink and blue roses. Pink roses are bright and beautiful to behold. It is a symbol of elegance and is normally given for admiration and appreciation. Be it girlfriend, fiancee or even someone you have a crush on, Hugs is a good choice.


Paper Bouquet (Tulip, Roses, and Matthiola)

Sometime roses may be a little bit boring. You can try something different with¬†an arrangement that comprises of pink Tulips, Roses, and Mathiola. Pink tulip can means perfect and passionate love and it is a classic flower for love. Matthiola (also known as the Stock flower) is beautiful for its blossom and amazing scent. Using Mathiola is another way to telling her “You are the most beautiful woman in my world”


Sunny Bunch (Sunflowers)

You may disagree, but Sunflowers make a good symbolism for feelings of adoration and admiration too. Though it’s not commonly given as a token of love, some girls do prefer sunflowers to roses too (I am one). In my own opinion, sunflowers are ideal for brightening one’s mood.


Purest Intention (Roses, Hydrangea, Eustomas, and Pom)

Purest Intention arrangement consists of Roses, Hydrangea, Eustomas, Pom and more. Wrapped in a blueish white wrapper, this is a perfect arrangement for your someone special.¬†Hydrangea implies grace and beauty, and Eustomas refers to heartfelt emotions towards someone special. As the name suggests, it’s a perfect combination for your purest intention.


Bright Smile (Gerbera)

This Gerbera arrangement will get you a bright smile from your girl. Gerbera is all about happiness and its a celebration of love and life. Giving this to your girl is like saying “You are the sunshine of my life”


Always (Carnations)

Carnations is one of my favorite flowers and it has a history dated back from 2,000 years back (commonly used in Greek ceremonial crowns). Carnations come in different colors nowadays. White carnations mean pure love and good luck, while deep red carnations suggest deep love and affection. This flower arrangement means you will always love her with pure, deep love and affection.


Lots of Love (Roses)

Rose is a symbol of love. Giving 99 roses means love forever. If you love your girl, send her this flower arrangement and let her know that you will love her forever, and willing spend your whole life with her.


Forever in Love (Roses, Cymbidium)

The arrangement of roses and cymbidium is suitable for someone special. This bright yellow and green themed arrangement is a good symbolism of love, beauty, and refinement. Gift this and show your passion about being forever in love with your special girl.

About Little Flower Hut

Started its humble beginning since 2011, Little Flower Hut has grown to be one of the most popular and reliable florist shops in Singapore. Little Flower Hut is a homegrown shop that offers a wide variety of flowers and gift for every occasion.

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  1. For me, Red Roses only meant to be the epitome of love but now got enough in my knowledge through you. Can i gift these to him also or are they just for beloved wife?

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